USED Shinn Resurector 4m 2021
USED Shinn Resurector 4m 2021
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USED Shinn Resurector 4m 2021



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USED Shinn Resurector 4m 2021

*** Used for testing only, in perfect condition ***

SHINN Resurector Wing 2021

SHINN Resurector Wing 2021 is the high performance – high quality wing you would expect from Shinn. Focusing on power, stability and effortless control this is a truly all-round wing capable of taking you from your first days on the water until you‘re competent and confident in all winds, waves and even in the air.

Low end drive with control, absolute reliability when flagged and effortless ease of use no matter the situation. A wing that is stiff and responsive for pumping whilst exhibiting a progressive depower that feels totally intuitive– every feature has been carefully considered and designed allowing you to focus on your ride and not get distracted by the details.

Tested through a multitude of real-world conditions and with a representative variety of rider levels and weights this may be our first wing but it joins the market as one of the first true 2nd generation wings.


USED Shinn Resurector 4m 2021


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