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About us

OceanCrew was founded by people who love being in and around the water.

After looking at alternatives

Help to customers and studetns

We love helping customers and friends, who are either getting into watersports, progressing or excel at it.

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How we started


We started as a Paddle Boarding company and still love getting out there. A lot! We provide Paddle Boarding Lessons and Tours around counties Cork and Kerry. We often combine the two, lessons and mini tours, as there is no better and fun way to learn than just getting out there and doing it. Please visit our Activities section to learn more about our SUP Lessons and Tours.

Coastline and weather

Irish coastline and us

Irish coastline and weather are very generous in providing conditions suitable for different activities. As OceanCrew has grown, our activities and product range has grown too.

We strive to provide the best value and quality products for Paddle Boarding, Kitesurfing and Windsurfing. Over the years we have tried, used and abused, and tested all the equipment and brands we represent today and our aim is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction no matter what.

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